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Fit Minds® Cognitive Care Program

Cognitive Care Halton RegionOur top priority here at Retire-At-Home has always been to provide high quality, personalized care that addresses both the emotional and physical health of a client. To improve our client’s quality of life, we’ve partnered with Fit Minds® to create a new, innovative approach to brain health.

Cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) has been shown to reduce the risks of cognitive impairment brought on by degenerative neurological diseases like dementia. Continued practice of CST has also been shown to lead to higher levels of mental activity, which slows the progression of such diseases.


What Is Fit Minds®?

Based on neuroplasticity, Fit Minds® is a customizable CST program designed for individuals with degenerative neurological diseases. Their interactive brain exercise program helps to stretch brain capacity and strengthen cognitive reserve.

The program focuses on all five areas of cognition: language and music, visual/spatial orientation, memory, critical thinking, and computation. In addition, the program provides complex challenges that build brain resilience and foster overall brain health through a social setting.

Fit Minds

Benefits To Our Clients

In addition to the five areas of cognition, the difficult behaviours caused by dementia, as well as their root causes are addressed. Our goal is to improve both cognitive ability and quality of life through non-pharmacological methods.

Each session is delivered by one of our certified caregivers, who conduct ongoing assessments to track the client’s progress and develop new session plans.

Fit Minds Programs
Interact® Individual Program – Person-Centered Care

The Interact® Individual program is a personalized CST program for those suffering with a degenerative neurological disease, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

The goal of Interact® Individual is to slow the progression of the disease, while allowing individuals to remain social and maintain their quality of life. The sessions work together to cover the five areas of cognition to build overall brain health and provide a personalized plan that is easy to follow.

As the client’s interests and abilities change, the sessions can be customized to their preferences.

Each session can be accessed through an online portal, printed off, and used by the client during their session. The program is lead by a certified Fit Minds® Cognitive Coach and is available in both English and French.

Stay Sharp™ Program – Keep Engaged Stay Sharp™

This CST group program is designed for individuals in retirement communities, as well as active professionals who wish to remain social. The Stay Sharp™ Program encourages cognitive resilience and better brain fitness for healthy seniors, while fostering a social, interactive environment for those suffering from dementia.

The program includes:

  • a new session plan and download activities every week (52 in the year)
  • a brain health lifestyle® challenge every week
  • a kit (customized cards and tote bag
  • ongoing access to training portal for an unlimited number of staff.

Delivered in a group setting, Stay Sharp™ builds community by encouraging human interaction. The program is currently available in English and French.

Interact® Group Program – Build Connections

The Interact® Group program is a CST program designed for individuals in assisted living and long term care homes. The Interact Group program ensures social interaction, one of the key elements to reducing anxiety and depression.

The program includes:

  • four new session plans and activity downloads per week (two of the session plans are aimed at mild to moderate cognitive impairments [Empowerment sessions] and the other two are aimed at moderate to severe cognitive impairments [Maintenance sessions]);
  • a kit (customized cards, game boards and tote bag;
  • ongoing access to training portal for unlimited number of staff.

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