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Book Club Update: April 2018

Who doesn’t love a suspenseful novel? We’ve chosen a new thriller this month… The Little Stranger By Sarah Waters There seems to be a theme preferred by our Book Club. We love murder mysteries, but this novel promises to take the genre to the level of psychological suspense thriller. Although this Gothic novel was published in 2009, no one in our group has read it yet. It’s 1940s England and the Ayres family has fallen on hard times. The stately home in which they live, called Hundreds Hall, may or may not be haunted! Family drama, romance, and the supernatural are all elements that helped us pick this gem, not to mention the writer’s storytelling ability. It really feels as though you are in the scene, not just observing it. If you can’t be at our meetings, join our conversation on Facebook! We’ll post updates each week to share our thoughts on the book as we read.  We want to hear from you too! Check out our Facebook group. Burlington Gardens Book Club Info...
Book Club: How to use the Overdrive application with your library card

Book Club: How to use the Overdrive application with your library card

Many of you are using tablets and other electronic devices to read the books and magazines you love. If you have a library card, one of the options available to you is the Overdrive application. Overdrive is an application you can download for free. Its purpose is to connect you to your local library’s electronic resources. You’ll save money by borrowing the book instead of buying it. Using the application on your tablet, smart phone or computer means that you’ll have less clutter at home. (We know that books are treasures, but sometimes it’s nice to reduce clutter.) How to use the Overdrive application Download the app to your device Sign in using your library card number and PIN search the catalogue download the item you want to read   Participating libraries Oakville Public Library Mississauga Public Library Download the Overdrive application to get started!...
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