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Welcome to the Retire-At-Home Halton Book Club

Who doesn’t love a suspenseful novel?

We absolutely loved The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. We know why reviewers use the word “gripping” to describe stories that hold our attention until the end. This book is begging to be made into a movie. While there was a lag after the first few chapters, the pace intensified gradually until we see Lo make a critical discovery and run for her life.

This month’s Retire-At-Home Halton Book Club pick is…

The Woman in the Window

By A.J. Finn

There seems to be a theme growing in our Book Club. We love murder mysteries, but this novel promises to take the genre to the level of psychological suspense thriller. This book was given rave reviews on Goodreads, and the plot reminded us of a classic Alfred Hitchcock movie. Reminders of our modern world are peppered throughout the book; references to Facebook and IKEA.

The protagonist, Anna, has confined herself to her home for almost a year, all the while being an observer of all the goings-on of the neighbourhood. She suffers from intense anxiety, and has a taste for washing down her medication with wine. This makes her neighbours question her judgement and credibility when she witnesses a crime.

We’re looking forward to discovering how A.J. Finn explores the subject of mental health. Rear Window is one of our favourite Hitchcock films…can’t help but wonder if that inspired this book.

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