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Life Changes: how seniors can ease into retirement living

Finding a way to adjust to a new lifestyle can be challenging at any age. Moving into a retirement home can be especially difficult at first because you may be used to doing everything yourself. There are, however, plenty of positive aspects:

  • a safe living environment
  • friendly and qualified caregivers that can provide assistance based on your individual needs
  • social opportunities you may not have had while living on your own
  • you won’t need to take care of the yard and other home maintenance activities
  • meal preparation is often done at retirement homes, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving proper nutrition

Ask questions

You’ve spent a lot of time finding the retirement home that suits your preferences and budget. Most of your questions have likely already been answered at this point, but there are so many aspects of retirement living that can only be discovered (and enjoyed!) once you actually move in.

Don’t be shy! You deserve to have an active role in your living arrangements. Learn about what your package includes and how you can take advantage of all the resources available to you.

Get social!

Most people say that settling in and making their new space their own is the first thing they need to do when they move to a new place. We agree, and know that sometimes it can take a while for a retirement residence to feel like home.

One of the best ways to ease into this major life change is to find other residents who share similar interests. Getting involved in community life can help.

  • Attend welcome events for new residents. It’s always nice to meet your new neighbours!
  • Check the activities board for events or group meetings that interest you. This makes meeting people with whom you share common ground more likely.
  • Offer to host an event like a crafting afternoon, light sport or a movie day. Your residence coordinators can help you plan and organize. Make sure you ask your neighbours for input so everyone enjoys the activity!

How can Retire-At-Home Halton help?

Home care in Halton is accessible and many of our services can be brought to your residence. Consult with your retirement home for options and availability in your area.

We can work with you and the staff to customize a health care plan that you and your family can afford. We can help you understand the OHIP benefits for which you qualify, and how you can maximize your private insurance benefits.

When we hire caregivers for Retire-At-Home, we ensure they’re qualified and pass all security checks. We want you and your family to feel safe. It would be an honour to serve you and help you find a caregiver who matches your needs.

We provide home care services in the following areas: Halton, including Georgetown, Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga North. If you would like to discuss your individual needs (whether or not you’re a senior) contact Retire-At-Home Services Halton for a complimentary in-home consultation at 1-888-509-9394 or 905-864-9020. You can also use our online contact form or our live chat option.

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