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Hospital Discharge Care

Are You Ready to Leave the Hospital?

Have you been staring at the whiteboard in front of your hospital bed, waiting for the discharge date to materialize? Do you find yourself getting anxious about how things will be at home once you go back? Are you a family member who is preparing to welcome your loved one home, and are trying to figure out how you’ll manage everything?
Retire-At-Home Halton understands that the transition from the hospital to home can be a stressful undertaking for anyone. Whether your stay has been short term, or you’ve had to camp out indefinitely in a ward, not knowing what to expect upon your discharge is one of the mental challenges we can face together.

How home care in Halton can help your transition

We offer a Hospital Discharge Care package . This package can help you transition your custom care plan into various other in-home care options that can bring balance to your lifestyle.

Hospital Discharge Care Services
• Care Management Services including In-hospital assessment by an experienced Client Care Manager
• Attendance at discharge planning meeting
• Visit to your home prior to discharge to ensure your home is properly prepared
• Coordination and delivery of Home Medical Equipment and Supplies*
• Arrangement of your transportation home
• 10 hours of Personal Care Services and/or Home Support Services
• 24-hour on-call support for questions and urgent matters
• Immediate response for additional care
• Communication with other health care professionals
• Price is subject to change without notice

How your family can benefit from respite care and attendant care

If you choose to have a post-hospital discharge care plan, you can rest assured that trained professionals will be looking after you. Services such as attendant care and respite care can offer great relief for you and your family because they can help time management and can provide mental stress relief.
We can arrange to discuss this with you and your family during a complimentary in-home consultation by contacting us.

Service Areas

Retire-At-Home Halton offers home care and health services to the following areas: Burlington; Milton; Mississauga North; Oakville; and Halton.

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