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Gardening in Small Spaces Can Lead to Big Smiles

Gardening in Small Spaces Can Lead to Big Smiles

Would you like to start a new hobby that’s relatively inexpensive, and can be done in your residence? Psychologists believe that gardening is an effective way to overcome anxiety and can have a positive impact on our general mental health.

Gardening may sound like an impossible activity when you live in a retirement residence, or if your home doesn’t have its own green space. Growing flowers, herbs or vegetable plants in small spaces has become very popular in urban centres where real estate is at a premium, or where community gardens are scarce.

People grow fresh herbs in planters hanging near the sink. Others keep potted tomato plants near the biggest windows. If you prefer to look at flowers, you can always try creating your own oasis where the light is favourable. Imagine sitting in your new green corner with a book and your favourite drink…or showing off the lush green leaves of a tropical plant you fostered over several months. A little elbow grease will pay off!

Visit a local garden for inspiration

Ontario boasts a variety of events, indoor and outdoor gardens that are open to the public. A jaunt to the local nursery can also be a fun way to spend a couple of hours.


Tips for a successful indoor garden

Green spaces (indoors and out of doors) are so important for healthy living. Not only do plants clean the air we breathe, they add to the beauty and atmosphere of our living spaces.

  • Ensure you are able to keep plants in your unit.
  • Make a sketch of your living space that shows measurements, windows, and furniture arrangement. This way, you can decide how many plants you can reasonably fit in the space and design a beautiful layout.
  • Take note of when and where the light is best in your unit to plan where you will place your pots.
  • Explore hydroponics (you can grow plants without soil!)
  • Remember to choose smaller plants so they don’t overwhelm your living space.
  • Create a watering schedule to post on your wall or in your calendar so you care for your garden consistently.
  • Take a class at the community centre or gardening store to learn how to care for your plants.
  • Start a group with your neighbours or friends to share tips and be social.


Learn about indoor herb gardens

Start an Apartment Garden

Learn about renting a spot in the Oakville Community Gardens if you want to try gardening outdoors.


Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is on April 22, 2018, less than two weeks away! Earth Day is one small reminder to keep the bigger picture at heart when making decisions about what and how much we consume. Convenience often comes at a cost to the environment. Think about how much plastic we are using, and how quickly our dumps are reaching capacity.

The Town of Halton is proud to support eco-friendly habits such as battery recycling, collecting barrels of rainwater to water plants and trees, and joining fellow community members on clean-ups around the area. Click here for more info on how you can pitch in!


How can Retire-At-Home Halton help?

Our team at Retire-At-Home cares about the environment and we’re committed to promoting good habits when it comes to consumption and waste. We want to help you participate in activities that make Earth a greener place.

Companionship is part of a healthy approach to maintaining good mental health. Our qualified caregivers can help you participate in community activities or plan and organize your garden or a trip to one of the public gardens in your area.

Home care in Halton is accessible and we can work with you to customize a health care plan that you and your family can afford. You can choose the services that you need, and our qualified nurses and caregivers will deliver the highest standard of care available for reasonable cost.

We provide home care services in the following areas: Halton, including Georgetown, Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga North. If you would like to discuss your individual needs (whether or not you’re a senior) contact Retire-At-Home Services Halton for a complimentary in-home consultation at 1-888-509-9394 or 905-864-9020. You can also use our online contact form or our live chat option.



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