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Foot care

AdobeStock_16164257-minHow proper foot care can help prevent infection

Do you have diabetes? Do you have numbness in your feet? Do your feet feel like blocks of wood or is one bigger than the other? These are signs that you’ve developed foot problems. Don’t distress! There are ways to minimize the impact of foot problems and maintain your quality of life.

Medical attention for your feet

The Canadian Diabetes Association recommends that you have your feet examined by a medical professional at least twice a year, and to avoid treating callouses or blisters yourself to prevent infection.

How to be kind to your feet

  • Wear properly fitted shoes
  • Don’t tie the laces too tight
  • Soak your feet and dry them carefully if you have blisters
  • Book regular appointments with a health care professional to trim toenails and callouses
  • Do not use over the counter solutions for corns or warts
  • Avoid walking too much
  • Control your blood sugar levels (diet and medication)

In-home foot care

Retire at Home Halton offers foot care services in the convenience of your own home, whether you live in Georgetown, Oakville, Mississauga North or Burlington. This makes it easy to take care of your feet.

We also work in partnership with the Oakville Hospital to bring you quality foot care services, if you prefer to go to a clinic for your appointment.

You wouldn’t want to miss a social event or your daily walk because you jabbed your toenail with scissors and caused an infection.  Contact us to find out more about our foot care program:



Daily foot care is the key to prevention:

Nerve pain in your feet explained: 

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