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Dementia Care

AdobeStock_87216627-minWhat is Dementia? Is it the same as Alzheimer’s Disease? What can I expect?

Dementia is a general term used to describe brain disorders, and Alzheimer’s disease is one of them. It can take various forms, such as vascular dementia, Down syndrome, Frontotemporal dementia and Parkinson’s disease. The list is extensive, but the common organ affected is the brain.

 What’s the Difference Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia? from Sabina Brennan on Vimeo.



The Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario states that almost 15% of residents over the age of 65 are living with a form of dementia, and at the current rate of diagnosis, this number may increase to 1.4 million by 2031.

Given this outlook, it’s important to take care of our brains by eating well, exercising and taking precautions like wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle to avoid head trauma.

Retire at Home Halton recognizes that the toll of caring for someone who has dementia can lead to the caregiver also experiencing psychological illness such as depression or exhaustion. We can help you and your family manage the care of your loved one so you can find balance in your life and maintain good mental health.

Not knowing what to expect once a diagnosis of dementia is given can be overwhelming. Retire at Home can offer you resources to help you cope with the upcoming changes to your lifestyle. We can work with you to plan for nursing care, meal preparation, companionship for patients who want to stay in their own home but can’t be alone, and help you stay socially active.

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Alzheimer Society of Ontario


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