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5 Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Eye Health

We often take our senses for granted, until we lose one or more of them. I have a friend who can’t taste anything as the side effect of a medication she took years ago. She says that it doesn’t bother her as much as it did at the beginning. I suspect it’s because she knows that losing her sense of taste was a risk she was willing to take because those drugs saved her life. In other words, there wasn’t much she could do to prevent the loss of taste in her case. This week, we want to ask you to ask yourself some questions, that may seem basic on the surface, but as you read this post you will see how important your answers are! Which of the five senses do you rely upon the most? Do you live alone? Is your home a house or an apartment? How often do you visit the eye doctor? Why prevention matters The CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) offers great resources for anyone who wants to learn about eye health. Did you know that every 12 minutes, someone in Canada begins to lose their eyesight? 75 per cent of vision loss can be prevented. We rely on our vision to drive or just get around in general. As adults, it can be challenging (but not impossible) to learn how to do things again. Why not take some care to ensure you maintain as much of your vision as possible? There are instances the outcome of which we cannot control, such as genetic predisposition, illness, environmental factors or an accident. There...
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