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Book Club Update: April 2018

Who doesn’t love a suspenseful novel? We’ve chosen a new thriller this month… The Little Stranger By Sarah Waters There seems to be a theme preferred by our Book Club. We love murder mysteries, but this novel promises to take the genre to the level of psychological suspense thriller. Although this Gothic novel was published in 2009, no one in our group has read it yet. It’s 1940s England and the Ayres family has fallen on hard times. The stately home in which they live, called Hundreds Hall, may or may not be haunted! Family drama, romance, and the supernatural are all elements that helped us pick this gem, not to mention the writer’s storytelling ability. It really feels as though you are in the scene, not just observing it. If you can’t be at our meetings, join our conversation on Facebook! We’ll post updates each week to share our thoughts on the book as we read.  We want to hear from you too! Check out our Facebook group. Burlington Gardens Book Club Info...
Winter Book Club: curl up with a good read and a treat

Winter Book Club: curl up with a good read and a treat

We have exciting news! Our team at Retire-At-Home Halton is starting a book club, and we want you to join! Beginning in September 2017, look for our weekly updates on what we think of the book. Most book clubs meet in person. This activity may not be possible if you have mobility concerns or suffer from a chronic illness that limits how much time you can spend outside your home. We think that an online club can be a fun way to spend colder days with local or online friends. Just because you have some limitations, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy social activities!  How to join All you have to do is go to our website to follow along! Click on the Book Club option to learn about new books, join conversations and access local resources. Find us on Facebook and Twitter too! Access the book Each month, we’ll choose a book and provide information on how you can get a copy.  You can: borrow it from the library download an e-book buy a copy new or used if braille copies are available, or there is an audio book version, we’ll make sure to include those details Movie night If there’s a film adaptation, we’ll be sure to include it in our conversation. It’s always fun to see how screenwriters and directors visualize the story. We expect lots of debate on this topic! Join the conversation As with any book club, we want you to participate in the discussion too! Please leave your comments either on our website, Facebook or Twitter. We’re committed to providing a respectful social media environment...
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