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Cancer Care

AdobeStock_6905127-minLet us help you survive cancer!

Cancer seems like it’s a lot heavier word than the six letters which compose it. People use it to describe a negative personality in the office, or generally something that is unpleasant and better left at the curb.

When you are told by your doctor that you have cancer, have you felt a ringing in your ears? Did you suddenly feel as though you were underwater and couldn’t hear the doctor speaking clearly? Did you forget to breathe?

The compassionate staff at Retire at Home Halton understands that learning that you have a possibly fatal disease is not the easiest experience. Being overwhelmed by treatments, tests, all sorts of people in sterile clothing touching you all the time, and the fear of the unknown is a natural reaction.

Retire at Home Halton provides quality health care services to many people with various needs. Some of the things we can help you with throughout your journey to conquer cancer: we can manage your medications, arrange for you to get to treatment sessions, and liaise with your medical team to provide you with custom care for your unique situation.

Survival rates have improved over the last ten years, largely due to research and innovative treatment solutions. Read more about this topic here.

Your health is important to us! We can make sure you are eating nutritious foods that you actually like, and help you keep a positive outlook by matching you with a caregiver that makes you laugh and enjoy life, while being a shoulder to cry on when you need it.

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