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Book Club Update: Rules of Civility

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in the Retire-At-Home Halton Book Club!  We enjoyed chatting with you at the OTMH Leave Your Lunch at Home event this past week.

If you’re just joining us, we hope you’re able to allow us to discuss some of the story details! Read the  Book Club Newsletter for helpful information.

Progress on the book:

I’m having a grand time imagining the stately (and dumpy) locales in the story. The language that Amor Towles uses seems so nonchalant, yet carefully studied to ensure fidelity to the era. I’m still a bit stunned by what happened in the Winter section. The friends were in a bad car accident, which happened to me as well (many years ago) and the memory never fades. Maybe it’s good that I can relate to the aftermath in Spring, and the author likely wanted to have his readers feel as though they’re floating above the scene because he switches to italic fonts for part of it.

Katya, Eve and Tinker’s relationships are being tested. I like how the author calls April “the cruelest month”! There’s a lot of dialogue in Spring, which makes it engaging, and the historical context of working women was helpful to understand how these women found their place in New York society.

I shouldn’t say more in case it spoils the book! Please send us a message on our Facebook Group if you want to join the conversation.


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