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ICYMI: How Seniors Can Be Safe in Public

The team at Retire-At-Home sends their sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this week’s tragic attack on innocent bystanders at Yonge St. in Toronto. We want to take this time to remember our fellow citizens, who were just living their best lives in a public space. May they rest in peace. Your safety is our priority. We realize that we can’t control everything, but there are little things we can do to help us be safe when we’re out for shopping or lunch away from home. Get in a safety mindset When we decide to go out, we check for our wallet, purse and keys. Maybe we also pack our medication, tissues, and a bottle of water. Why not add some steps to help ensure that you have an excellent day and prevent injuries? Independent living can be challenging, including seniors or people who have some limitations, but it’s not impossible! Preparation is a key factor in making each day fulfilling. These tips are useful for anyone, and we invite you to share them to encourage safe habits. Tips for safe day trips Plan your route, whether you’re on your own or with a friend or caregiver. Knowing how to find the nearest amenities you may need along the way can prevent unnecessary detours or getting lost. Let someone know where you’re going and when to expect your return. If you are hurt or lost, someone will come to look for you or advise the police to help. Wear your Medical Alert medallion(s) and carry a list of your medication (if you don’t carry it with...
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